Northern California Writing Centers Association

Sonoma State University Writing Center

The SSU Writing Center is an instructional service of Sonoma State University whose function is to help SSU students, faculty, and staff members (as well as members of the wider community) become better writers and produce better written documents.

We work one-on-one with individual writers and in small groups to help clients develop their writing skills, and we dispense information about good writing and how to write well. We also work with the SSU faculty to help them improve their writing instruction and to advance the cause of writing across the curriculum at SSU.

We believe that, in order to produce effective writing, writers need many different kinds of know-how: the ability to identify appropriate forms of evidence needed to make a given case; the mastery of a confident and correct style; extensive knowledge of the topic, as well as awareness of the limits of the writer’s knowledge; and most important, thorough understanding of the writer’s audience and the rhetorical expectations that a particular audience holds regarding evidence, style, and genre conventions.

We also believe that a writer’s most important resource is other people. We aim to be the “other people” writers at SSU come to when they want help.