Northern California Writing Centers Association

Writing centers increasingly have the opportunity to showcase how they work with writers in multiple ways. We work with multimodal writers, résumé writers and applicants, creative writers, public speakers, scientists, multilingual writers, and others.

We help in face-to-face settings, via embedded or on-line tutoring, and in the community or through service work. In short, we do so much more than just work with students on traditional written texts. At the 2016 NCWCA conference, we will celebrate and explore what we do when we work with writers in these many ways. As you prepare your proposal, consider the following:

Of course, we also welcome proposals that focus on traditional texts and/or proofreading!


January 31, 2016 February 8, 2016.

Thanks for all the great submissions. Presenters will be notified in late February.


Types of Presentations

The 2016 conference will host 60-minute concurrent sessions. These can take the following forms:

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